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This is a site is dedicated to my original erotic games and short stories.

Most of the content here contains strong erotic elements. If you are too young or prudish to enjoy such material, you should probably leave now.


Stacked Justice

Summary: erotic super-hero text adventure game, created in Twine 2 wih Sugarcube 2.

Play “Stacked Justice”

For those who get stuck, a walk-through for the game exists somewhere on the web.

Enticing Ella

This was my first game. It is a fairly generic text-based dating-adventure game.

During the process of making it, I ran into big problems due to poor planning and a lack of experience. I had intended to have many more branches to the story, but I decided to just publish what I had completed and move on to another project.

If you get stuck, there is a walk-through on the web somewhere, created by someone else. I would like you to play it without cheating, so I'm not going to tell you where to find it.

Play “Enticing Ella”

Short stories

I have a couple of short stories on Literotica.

These can be found here.

Fight Like a Girl

A short story about a guy on a date with a jiu jitsu instructor. It was adapted from unrealised ideas from the Enticing Ella project.

Micronesian Story

I wanted to write a story set on a Pacific island and experiment with different voices and points of view. I am well aware the most of the Micronesian cultural practices I describe in this work are completely inaccurate.


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